Monday, February 13, 2006

Two Opportunities

Today two professors came up to me and each offered me an opportunity.

one is wanting me to join with another student and work on a project that deals with crash simulations and doing stuff with the data from the program.

the other is wanting to send me abroad. He said that i could go to one of three different places in Europe: England, Germany, and Portugal. All my living and language expenses would be covered, as well as any training required. It would be for one semester during the summer or fall, not sure if it is just this summer and fall or also the ones for next year. it would be like taking just one class and i would be graded accordingly. GETS site. this is a site on a flier that i found for this trip thing. as i was looking at the site they showed different courses they can teach on, and the one about wireless networking and such is what really peeked my interest.

i feel that i could do the first with just a little extra learning and such. the second might be more of a challenge. we'll have to see.

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