Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

What can I say about the 3DS but Awesome! I got my black one on launch day back in March 2011 and have had a blast with it. It plays the new 3DS games and the old DS games. The 3-D feature is very simple to use and easy to view.

They dropped the price from $250 to $170 a few days ago, wow $80 drop just 6 months in. To make up for that difference, Nintendo announced the Ambassador Program. This program will provide the ones that bought the 3DS at $250 vouchers for 20 free games from the eShop. Nintendo will release the vouchers in two waves. The first wave will be September 1st allowing us to get 10 free Classic NES titles. The second wave will be in November or December for 10 free GBA Virtual titles. I'm really pumped about this program and look forward to rediscovering these classic games. Enjoy!

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