Wednesday, March 15, 2006

DS Lite

the DS lite is/has come out in Japan in three different colors: crystal white(apple ipod color), a dark/navy blue, and a lighter blue/gray. the DS lite is 1/3 smaller than the larger version, and a few ounces lighter. the buttons are adjusted slightly to allow for more ease of use, and the mic has been moved to the center on the hindge so the person can use it easier. finally one of the best new features, is a brighter screen. this screen has been changed like the micro was, to where you can change the brightness.

i'm really looking forward to this new, tweeked hardware. i'm probobly going to get the dark blue one so the images will appear brighter. i've learned that if you have a darker border around your picture, the image stands out more.

i think that the DS lite will be released in May to the US.

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