Monday, March 06, 2006

Tech Stuffs

i'm getting very excited about the revolution. i keep hearing from my many podcasts that it's coming out in the fall of 06. i would like to see the cabela games, like deer hunter and such, on the revolution b/c the controller acts like a light gun.

looking forward to the new wifi standard "N". to compare it with "G", G can connect at about 108ish Kb/s and has a limited range. with the new N standard, it can do 600ish Kb/s and is more powerful so this will allow you to reach places and distances you couldn't before. hopefully, this will make wifi more of a common place. i'm also not against it being a municipal service.

anxious to see what the new ipod product is. there is talk about having a standard size ipod that is all screen, and making that screen touch sensitive. this way you can have a larger screen to watch your video content and control it in a unique way.

more random info to come later

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